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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  February 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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he will no doubt be remembered as one of the most con is he quen shall judges on the supreme court. >he
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death of skcalia. and look at the windchills in your neighborhood. we're working these two big breaking news stories tonight. reaction coming in on justice scaly's death. the 79-year-old dead suddenly on a texas ranch today. mine moore looks back at his impact on the courts. >> outside of the supreme court, a flag at half-staff, flowers and candles marking the death of scalia. the president paid his respects from california. >> tonight we honor his service to our nation and remember one of the towering legal figures of our time. >> he was 79, the longest serving justice but his death came without warning and in the middle of a landmark court calendar with nothing less than the boundaries of presidential powers under review. his passing sets the stage for a political battle royal over his
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court's balance of power. on a polarized bench he was well-known for sense of humor as his firing decent. the cornerstone of a conservative wing that influenced from affirmative action and abortion to gun ownership and free speech not to mention obama care. but a firm propoent of the letter of the law, not the intent. the nation's first italian-american justice was apointed in 1986 by reagan. he was known as an unapologetic but fair conservative. >> i am not going on to the court with a list of things that i want to do. my only agenda it to be a good judge. >> and he was confirmed unanimously by the senate. an unlikely appointment for the successor. the president will appoint someone but they do not want to move forward until a new president is seated next
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washington. our team coverage continues right now at the supreme court. news 4 darcy spencer talked to people at a mc-shift memorial for the justice outside of the court. darcy? >> reporter: flags are flying at half-staff outside of the u.s. supreme court. tonight we spoke to law school students and local attorneys all coming here to pay their respects. outside of the u.s. supreme court, a growing memorial in memory of justice scalia, people coming to pay their respects. including emily murky, who met him when she was a georgetown law student. >> i don't think there is a law student in the country who wouldn't say that he's had an influence on them in some way. his judicial philosophy is something that you may not agree with but you can't ignore it. >> candles and flowers placed on a red, white and blue banner at the steps of the court where he
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>> i'm a law student so i've read a lot of his opinions and they are pretting entertaining to read and i just think regardless of the politics it is cool to stop by and pay your respects to someone who had a big affect on the country and the social politics of the nation. >> flags are flying at half-staff outside of the court, a sign of respect for the justice. a controversial figure nominated by president ronald reagan. some stopped to paid respects. >> i was here advocating for workers' rights and i thought it was important to come down, only a few blocks away to pay some respect and recognize public service is really important. >> reporter: tonight donald wuerl issued sympathies to his family. live from the u.s. supreme court, darcy
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news 4. erika. >> darcy, thank you very much. as the legal world mourns the justice, questions remain about what is next for the high court. more on that later in the newscast. and for more on the legacy you can open our app and search scalia. the and the other big story is the weather alert. amelia is tracking the dangerously cold air and joins us with how long it will last. >> well, we're tracking dangerously cold air until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. everybody under a windchill advisory and that does run until 9:00 a.m. as low as 5 below zero in the d.c. metro. north and west of town windchills as low as 10 degrees below zero. so limit your time outdoors if you are out tonight and early tomorrow morning. here are the feels-like temperatures. 1:00 people, one below in washington. six below in frederick
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the windchill temperatures rise to above zero. but until that point, it is absolutely frigid outside. feeling like the coldest air so far this season. now after that, our focus turns to a winter storm that will move in very late tomorrow into early monday. all of the counties under a winter storm watch starting sunday night and running through tuesday morning. snow begins late sunday and transitions to a wintry mix on monday afternoon and we could see ice accumulation. i'll have more on how much snow you could pick up and the impacts on roads on monday, presidents' day and tuesday as most of us head back to work coming up in the full forecast, eric you. >> thank you. nbc 4 is working to help the homeless in the community during this cold weekend. so we compiled resources in the app, just search homelessness. the next story is about flames tearing through a home in prince george's county. why mother nature made this
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a warning about protecting your pets in this cold weather. a dog is struggling to recover after it was left outside. and more alleged victims tonight in the child porn at school case that has
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just incredible flames. a lot of weather, strong winds that firefighters were having to deal with in order to get this house fire under control. firefighters had to deal with
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this fire on taylor road in riverdale. everybody made it out safely. no word, though, on how this all got started. two bank robbers within minutes of each other in montgomery county and now police want to know if the same man is responsible for both. this first happened at 9:20 this morning at the pnc bank in bethesda. then 25 minutes later a man robbed the m&t bank on montgomery in kensington. nobody was injured in those incidents. new at 11:00, we're learning about more victims in the child abuse and pornography case involving a prince george county teachers aid. there are 16 alleged victim and they say a child was victimized at the church in buoy. careaway is charged.
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in the nbc washington app including a statement from the careaway family. as cold air moves out, a winter storm comes in. amelia is standing by with the latest on the a winter mix from monday into tuesday and the impact on the roads. and i talk to pete williams about the huge void on the court
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on the patio camera. the flag still blowing in the d. winds diminish overnight. i'll have the latest coming up in the forecast. back to the breaking news we've been following all day. the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. the opening left on the bench could cause a major ideological shift. the president intends to nominate a new justice. i asked pete williams whether that has any chance of getting through congress in an election year. >> >> he'll appoint someone. whether they are confirmed, it is doubtful, that the republican senate would confirm his nominee before the election. >> in the meantime, pete said the high court will still hear cases and if any case ends in a tie, the ruling is thrown out and the lower court's ruling prevails. tonight's gop debate began
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with tributes to justice scalia. most of the candidates felt president obama should not nominate the ben carson slammed the president's policy in syria. trump and jeb bush tangled over the iraq war and 9/11. ted cruz and marco rubio clashed on taxes and kasich defended his decision to expand medicaid. tonight was in greenville, new york. families still struggling to remember the death of a mother and daughter. they came out to say good-bye to the 26-year-old and her two-year-old daughter khloe. both shot to death this month in ft. washington. the child's father admitted to killing them after a dispute over child support payments. state senator said he will sponsor a domestic violence bill named after the two victims. muse is the husband of news 4 anchor pat lawson muse. a warning for pet owners
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about leaving small animals out in the cold. a woman out walking her dog friday in a park in brooklyn with its paws frozen to the ground. she took the lab pit mix to a vet. it is unclear if the dog will make a full recovery. >> tieing your doug out is never the answer. please reach out for help. things could go bad very quickly. specially when it is extreme temperatures. freezing could take place in a matter of minutes. >> lawmakers in new york are considering a bill to increase penalties for leaving pets out in the extreme cold or heat. smoke from a mechanical room forced people out into the cold at the gaylord hotel in national harbor. the smoke fimmed -- filled a stairwell but there was not a fire and nobody got hurt. there were a lot of people there today because the hotel is coasting a convention. a few people were treated for unrelated illnesses. meanwhile, the frigid
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temperatures here, i can't remember the last time i saw you put wind chills up are now. >> lows so far this season, deeping into the single-digits and teens tonight and it is brutal outside right now and we'll continue to track dangerously cold weather tomorrow morning through 9:00 a.m. and after that the windchill advisory does go down. but still cold for valentine's day, the winds not as big of an issue for tomorrow. now as we look to presidents' day, we're dealing with snow showers for t morning and midday hours. that then transitions to wintry mix for the afternoon and the evening hours. we could be tracking a period of freezing rain so heads up for some isolace later in the day. and more on that in a moment. and then we track mainly rain on tuesday. and here are windchills. zero in washington. and 4 below in gaithersberg. and tomorrow because the cold, a moderate impact on your day. it is another storm team 4 weather alert day.
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storm team 4 weather alert right on through tuesday. clouds increase throughout the day tomorrow andou we start off at 12 degrees in the district. cooler in the suburbs. but feeling like five below to five above for most of us. again, lighter winds throughout the day and the high temperature tomorrow of 24 degrees. the road forecast for presidents' day from start to finish, probably a good idea to avoid travel. during the morning hours, we're talking about snow-covered roads. if you have to do something on monday, the earl your ter the b. as we transition into the later hours, we talk about snow-covered roads but ice in spots north and west of town. tuesday morning at that point, mainly all rain. maybe some minor concern for icy spots well north and west. areas like frederick, loudoun and fauquier and points further west. pushing into the district. and monday morning on into the midday hours we continue to track snow showers and then you
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see this line. this is that wintry mix. it is rain. we transition over to a mix during the afternoon and evening hours. that is when we could be dealing with icing. future weather wants to change us over to mainly all rain before midnight on monday. i'm going to stop future weather here. tuesday morning at 9:00 a.m., you could see not tracking any mix. this is only some heavy rain potentially impacting the area. with that on the lookout for flooding concerns tuesday. we'll see everything come to an end tuesday afternoon. snow forecast, by monday night, washington, areas east of 95, one to two inches. areas to the west, under the winter storm watch, two to four inches of snow. it is likely with new information continues to suggest that areas back to west will see more in the way of snow and ice. ice forecast by monday night here in the light pink, washington and areas to the east. you might not pick up any ice but we could see maybe a coating. here in the brighter pink, up to
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a quarter of an inch possible. when you have that much ice there is concern for power outag a high temperature of 34. we continue to warm overnight. again, rain comes to an end, erika, tuesday afternoon and then after that for the most part looking at fairly quiet weather next weekend, looking pretty mild.
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>> thank you. next in sports, alex ovechkin just can't chris miles here from the csn studios. no team has beat maryland at the xfinity center since march. and they have not managed since the terps joined the conference. that 27 game home win streak was put on the line tonight against wisconsin. these guys trying to protect maryland's win streak but they weren't the ones tasked with putting the ball into the hoop. durl during a 12-minute scoreless stretch, the badgers take over. veto brown. career high 21 points up as high as 16. and the dish and the terps in double figures. cutting the lead to six. but that is at close as it gets. zack show walter, the show-stopper. wisconsin ends maryland's
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27-game home win streak 70-57 the final. georgetown neat over providence to make the tournament. down but back thing back. that is trey morning, son of alonso morning. three of his ten points, cutting the lead to one. and last chance, smith and shooting and a block. the comeback falls short. 75-72 the final. virginia hasn't won at duke in 21 years. time winding down. virginia down one. and hitting the layup facing the wrong direction. cavs take the lead. but here comes duke. allen hits it at the buzzer and unbelievable game and virginia's seven-game win streak is snap d snapped, falling 63-62. george mason down to the wire with davidson. five seconds left. one-point game. that is jenkins missing and if
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you don't succeed, try again. he stays with. it davidson one last shot and that is george mason wins by a final of 60-59. vcu two games back from the a-10 hosting st. louis. the losers of the last two. trying to make sure that doesn't become three. scoring here, 20 points in the first half. rams up 20 at the break. they keep the foot on the gas and on the rim. that is justin tillman. they win big, 85-52. tonight's game between the stars and the cop cap -- caps could be a preview for the stanley cup finals. the team that played better defense came out on top tonight. the stars, they come out flying. scoring four goals past holpy in
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the first. and then carlson tees it uch for o captain. three minutes later, justin williams. coming from behind the goal line, beats the netminder over the shoulder and caps down just two. washington still fighting to get back into it. ba barkowski and scores it. they score three times in 10:00, well within one. and the chance falls to wilson. but he cannot connect. falls short. 4-3 the final to the caps. >> nba all-star contest, you can't lose when you have a mascot. right. wrong. and then the show-stopper between the legs for his second title. three point shootout now.
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came down to a battle between the brothers, steph curry set the ball hi shooting 23 in the final round but the his teammate klay thompson shot a 27 to take home the title for the second year in a row. a member of the splash brothers wins the nba contest. erika, back to you. >> impressive stuff out there. thank you, chris. appreciate that. one final check of the weather, please bundle up tomorrow. >> dangerously cold with us until about 9:00 a.m. after that, it is just chilly no matter how you cut it.
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highs in the low to mid-20s, erika. >> that is have you guys been watching the primaries? >> yes. hillary got her but kicked in new hampshire. >> we're all still voting for


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